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Power of 50


The Power of 50 was established in 2020 by Sherita Johnson and Andrea Williams and will only allow 50 members. Each year members will contribute $500 and nominate an award recipient to receive a grant. Any dollars left over from the previous year will be added to the grant awards for the following year. Members are allowed to contribute more than $500 annually, however, will only be able to nominate one award recipient per year.

Sherita Johnson

My name is Sherita Johnson, I have the tremendous honor and privilege of being a Servant Leader of Champions of Tomorrow Inc. Hopefully, you’ve perused our website to read about the programs and supportive services that we offer to the disabled and disadvantaged persons in Southeast Michigan. I would like to take a moment to share with you my background.

My vision to become a servant leader for my community started 13 years ago while in graduate school. I knew I wanted to help others because many people with disabilities do not have the option to drive cars especially in regions like ours in Southeast Michigan. Working on my thesis “The Need for Non-Emergency Transportation in Michigan” helped me to find my purpose. My husband and I formed J&J Mobile Services Inc a Non-Emergency Transportation service to bring mobility options to our local communities here in Southeast Michigan. Champions of Tomorrow Inc was founded in 2016 to fill a need for increased access to education, healthcare, employment, and participation in community life for the individuals who need it the most. My goal is to continue to encourage individuals to be more active and independent members of society, providing much needed resources along the path to independence.

Andrea Williams

Andrea was born to parents who instilled in her to pursue any goal as long as the goal was ethical and did not break God’s laws. She continues to live by those guidelines, making sure she is surrounded by peaceful and calm people and if you can change the situation, change it, otherwise deal with it. Andrea married in 1984 and have two brilliant children Jeff and Brooke.

Andrea worked at Wayne County Community College with Dr. Stella Fulgham (a wonderful mentor), assistant teaching basic skill classes. She moved on to teach accounting and medical terminology at the Michigan Paraprofessional Institute in Oak Park, Michigan. Later teaching at two other facilities before taking a temporary position at the Detroit Area Agency on Aging (DAAA) in 1993.

In 2002 Andrea formed the nonprofit The Caring Source (TCS) to provide a self-generated information and assistance database. The need for third graders to improve their reading and writing skills was realized and developed the “Read Away! Write Away!” Program. Several years later with the housing collapse the “Move Right In” program was developed and proved to be the most successful by partnering with Chase Bank as they donated some of their non performing homes, rehabbing and selling them to low to moderate income individuals/families.

While at DAAA, Andrea worked in every department or developed strategies with departments to deliver services to homebound elderly and those with disabilities and caregivers. While at DAAA, Andrea developed the structure to implement MI Health Link, generating revenue of over $23,000,000; guided six programs through CARF accreditation; raised the most continuous funding for Detroit Meals on Wheels and established Friends of Detroit Meals on Wheels to provide meals for homebound seniors on the waitlist. In September 2020, DAAA eliminated the Outreach Department because of the COVID pandemic and social distancing requirements, bringing her tenue to an end. Andrea is pleased to have reached over 30,000 care recipient and caregivers annually through Outreach efforts.

Andrea states “I always feel I need to keep myself busy with two or three projects at a time. That is why I am totally behind The Power of 50 initiative. The other project I will begin to work on is my interesting experiences and people I encountered at DAAA.”

Andrea remarried in 2017 to Keith Williams, together they reside in Southeast Michigan. Together they enjoy three adorable grandchildren.


As long as we can remember woman have upheld the family, often putting her husband and children first, neglecting her own needs and desires.

The Power of 50 was formed to recognize women and to invest in their success in the community. We realize the homes, schools, businesses, communities cannot exist without the power of women.


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The Power of 50 will provide grants to women, women lead organizations or organizations that support women. Awards will be released in June and December. Requests must be received no later than March 1 for a June award and no later than September 1 for a December award. We invite applicants to apply early and note the objective of how the grant award will be used.