Champions of Tomorrow

Transitional Transit

Transitional Transit is a term used by Champions of Tomorrow Inc. to represent affordable transportation services that work to support disadvantaged/disabled persons with the capacity to improve their lives through accessibility.

Champions of Tomorrow Inc. works together with its local human service partners to provide Transitional Transit transportation services for individuals receiving supportive programming through these organizations. Transitional Transit can be tailored to fit the  needs of our human service partners based on the transportation challenges experienced by the clients they serve. Contact us to learn more about how your organization can partner with Champions of Tomorrow Inc. to provide affordable, reliable transportation services for your consumers.

Transitional Transit rides are available to individuals served through our partner agencies for any of the following services:

  • Employment Transport
  • Healthcare Transport
  • Civic/Social Transport
  • Adolescent Transport



Our human service partners are the backbone of the organization. Serving economically disadvantaged and disabled women in Wayne County, they provide a number of supportive services that help individuals attain or regain independence in the community. Learn more about our partners by visiting them on web.